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Sinopsis: This book includes volumes I and II of the Theory of Global Equivalence..
In the first volume of this theory of everything:
- Perspectives of modern science and metaphysics are combined.
- The different definitions of time are discussed, emphasizing the subjective origin of the concept and the never-ending attempts to obtain its common and objective idea.
- The book attempts to replace the correct duality of subjective and objective reality in the realm of philosophy, separating them from other, let?s say, imaginary realities.
- The new theory of everything is presented from a strictly scientific point of view.
The second volume explains the basic concepts of Einstein s Theory of Relativity, analyzing:
- Maxwell s equations and the Lorentz transformations, the principles of Poincar? and interpretations of the Michelson-Morley experiment as immediate antecedents of relativistic physics.
- Physical principles and postulates of Einstein s relativity.
- The geometry of Euclidean space and types of space in Einstein?s theory with reference to the geometry of space of Minkowsky and Riemann.
- Concept of inertial, gravitational and relativistic mass.
- Principle of equivalence incorporating gravity in General Relativity and the twin paradox.

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